Thursday, April 26, 2012

River rafting an adventurous sport

White water rafting or River Rafting is a high  adrenaline adventure sports. It started becoming popular in the mid seventies  and continues to be the most of adventure activities ever since. In rafting an inflatable boat is used to sail through the water traveling with inconsistent force. The thrill lies in being able to successfully surpass the water waves going high and low. Apart from this you also enjoy the beautiful locations of that particular place. In India River Rafting has recently become very popular as an adventure sport to take a break from the monotonous routine life and recharge yourself completely with high action sports in the lap of nature.

Other adventure sports like Heli skiing, paragliding, rock climbing are equally adventurous. If you a true adventure enthusiast then ladakh is the ideal destination for you as you will find a great combination of these adventurous activities in ladakh. 
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